How Modern Science Affect On Humans Behavior,

Modern Science we and Humans Behavior

Modern age is the age of science today we use the scientific methods in our life's. It has solved many of our problems.big ship's in the sea like a magic , Airplane flown in the air, even man have reached on the moon.

But I often think this progress of Man alone humans. Today man have no time to stand and stairs and see the beauty of nature.

Man have no time to rechecked his mistakes, no time for theirs family because rushed of life. Man almost have be come a robot.

Now Today world have be come a global village, but man have no idea about his family member stay on his next chair because of intensity of Mobile use, social media this and that.

Man have lost face talk. World free man have no time although he have nothing to do but he also remain busy and spouse himself he is the busiest man of the world.

My aim not targeting modern technology, but only realizing human care humanity, Do care their families, do care parents, children's, relatives also care a stranger because original happiness only in care. 

Save some time for himself if you only 5 mint do nothing but spend in care, listen your children's sit nearby parents you will feels, you are Happiest man in the world.

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