Khewra salt mine The world's second largest salt mine in Jhelum Pakistan

hewra city well known for having world's second biggest salt mines in the world. Salt was discovered by the licking of out crop salt by the horses of Alexander in 320 BC.

Khewra Salt Mines are found 945 feet (288 meters) above ocean level.The mountains containing Khewra Salt Mines are a piece of mineral-rich Mountain run called Salt Range. All out length of Salt Range is 300 kilometers (186 miles), reaching out from Beganwala close River Jhelum to Kalabagh close River Sindh. 

Width of Salt Range shifts between 8 kilometers to 30 kilometers. But started trading the Mughal era. The essential entry at ground level was made by Dr. H. Warth, a mining engineer, in British rule 1872.
  • Location and Route.

·        Khewra Salt Mines is situated in Pind Dadan Khan District Jhelum area of Punjab, Pakistan. The city is arranged around 200 kilometers (124 miles) from Islamabad the Capital of Pakistan and 245 kilometers (152 miles) from the city of Lahore the Capital of Punjab Province.

     There are two trains daily between Malakwal Jn and Khewra which cover 27km distance in exact 1 hour. You have to change trains at Malakwal Jn which is connected to Lala Musa Jn on mainline at one end and Sargodha Jn at other. There are 6 daily trains on this Lala Musa - Malakwal - Sargodha route.

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The incomparable Alexander Stopping his military for a rest in the region currently known as Khewra, Alexander's steed started licking the stones on the ground. Seeing that every one of the steeds were doing as such and observing, a warrior himself attempted one and found that the stones were very salty. 

Entrance way of Khewra Salt Mines

After opportunity, the Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC) accepted command over the mine, which still remains the greatest wellspring of salt in the country, conveying more than 350,000 tons for every annum of about 99% unadulterated halite. Assessments of the stores of salt in the mine vacillate from 82 million tons to 600 million tons.
  • Khewra Salt Mines  as Tourist point.

Khewra Salt Mine is a prevalent vacation destination with almost 250,000 guests every year. There are a few aesthetic carvings of salt stones set in various zones of Khewra Salt Mines for delight of voyagers. There is an electric train accessible to take guests inside the mine. It is informed that motor of this train has a place with 1930.

Interior of Khewra Salt Mine, Khewra, Punjab, Pakistan

Male and female aides are accessible to control visitors about the Khewra Salt Mines. There are a few little lakes of thick salty water in various territories of mine. At the point when light is anticipated on the fluid in these pools it is refracts and creates distinctive hues that look exceptionally wonderful.

Most prevalent carvings of salt stone among travelers are a copy of Minar-e-Pakistan made with bright salt blocks, a model of the Great Wall of China, a statue of national artist Allama Muhammad Iqbal, an excellent Mosque made up of beautiful blocks of salt stone, a model of Sheesh Mahal made up of pink salt blocks, and a model of Mall Road of Murree.

Mosque made up of beautiful blocks of salt stone

One can taste the yield of this salt mine by setting off to their nearby basic supply and searching for "Himalayan Salt," a ruddy or pink shake salt. It is altogether increasingly delightful then your normal table salt, and accompanies a considerably more intriguing back story Area.this is historic place millions of tourist visit this place every year from all around the world.

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